John & Aimee Gordon

Name: The Gordon Family, John & Aimee, Leia, Clara, Micah & Makayla in Panama City, Panama
People Group(s) Focus: Inner-city Panamanians, Venezuelan Immigrants/Refugees, Roman Catholics, Embera, Wounaan, Guna indigenous tribes
Population: Approx. 4,000,000
Location: Panama, isthmus linking Central & South America
Religion: 85% Roman Catholic

We are the Gordon clan, John & Aimee, Leia, Clara, Micah & Makayla. By God’s sustaining grace and goodness, we have now lived and served in Panama City, Panama for 6 years, since March of 2013 and Costa Rica before that. Using common bonds such as sports, music and other platforms, God has allowed us to gain access to hard to reach places and build relationships, where we have been able to share the light of Gospel in love. Our family serves alongside a local church plant in the heart of Panama City, Iglesia Comunidad de Cristo, helping with community outreach, music ministry and discipleship. The Lord has continued to open doors for us to teach and serve in local schools, juvenile jails, with sports teams and amongst indigenous tribes as well. Our vision is to love and serve the community, share the hope of the Gospel, and see believers discipled and grow into mature Christians with a love for God’s Word, equipped and encouraged to make more disciples and plant new churches.