Steven & Patricia Arce

Location: Venezuela

Steven & Patricia have 3 kids. Evan Matthew is 14 years old, Ema Grace is 13 years old and Ela Susannah is 8 years old. The Arce’s are serving in the city of Cabudare, Venezuela, Population of 220,000. A country that is over 90% Catholic. Steven is a 3rd generation missionary raised in Venezuela since 1983. Steven and Patricia grew up in church working in Sunday school and VBS. In November of 2001 they got married and have been serving in Venezuela for the past 17 years. Steven & Patricia are church planter missionaries. They are pastoring the Gathering Point church (Iglesia Punto de Encuentro). They have around 200 members attending every Sunday. Through the church they are serving the community in church services, youth club, sport outreach and one on one discipleship. They work with children hosting 2 or 3 VBS every year with around 200 children per day. They have man, women and two weeks of youth camp every year where lives are being changed from a path surrendered to the world to a life of surrender to our Lord Jesus Christ. Because of the political unrest the country of Venezuela has been going through for the past 20 years, there is a large amount of people living in fear, not knowing were there next meal will be coming from. We have been serving the Venezuelan people by feeding men, women and children on a weekly bases. Our goal is to reach the Venezuelan men and women with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and through discipleship and our 4 year Bible school, train them so that they can go out and reach others for the Lord.